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We go beyond aesthetics in design, focusing on the true essence and desired outcomes of each space. We're not just about creating beautiful spaces; we're about capturing the meaning behind the space, ensuring optimal execution, and delivering uncompromised quality at a fair price.

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At Principia Design, we blend our design expertise with innovative technology to create spaces that are not just visually stunning, but smart, sustainable, and intuitively aligned with the unique lifestyle and objectives of each client.

Our multidisciplinary team brings a wealth of global design insights, ensuring every project benefits from a broad spectrum of cultural and artistic influences. Our tech-driven approach, combined with our commitment to sustainability and personalized design, sets us apart, ensuring that each space we create is not only aesthetically exceptional but also functionally superior and environmentally conscious.

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Founded in 2012, by interior designer Alysha Craxton and industrial designer Garth Fourie, Principia Design has grown into an internationally active creative design firm taking on projects globally. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, sophisticated, and timeless spaces that can best be described as a cohesive fusion of Organic and Afro-Japandi design styles.

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Highlighted below are some of our major clients and selected projects. For a more extensive portfolio please visit our website

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